8 Tips On How To Make Money With Calligraphy

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The possibilities of making money through calligraphy are numerous. In fact, this is the best time to start doing that, as the demand for calligraphers is increasing exponentially.

If this is your hobby, there are numerous ways to turn it into a side business or even your full-time job.

The topics we discuss in this article will assist you in this process and will give you ideas that will benefit you in the long run…

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What is Calligraphy?

what is calligraphy

The question sounds relatively simple, and so does the answer.

But in a true sense, it is difficult to come up with a reasonable definition of calligraphy. Since modern times have come along, there has been some confusion about what this discipline is and why it is important. The introduction of printing machines has also contributed to this gradual decline. 

Still, to arrive at a definition, calligraphy may be defined as the artistic process of creating beautiful symbols by hand. Then, these symbols are put together to make words with harmony, integrity, a sense of ancestry, rhythm, and creative fire.

But what do we mean by these words, and how are they relevant in calligraphy? Let’s look for an answer:


It is the cordial relationship between the various visual elements in a piece of work—the letters, the words, the text as a whole, and the surrounding space.


It refers to the admirable proportions and designs of the letters and symbols in a calligraphic piece of work.


It refers to how the heritage of letters, shapes, materials, and techniques used by calligraphers is preserved.


It is how the calligraphers repeat and vary the spaces and marks to create a pattern and emphasize certain parts for the viewers.

Creative Fire

This is the stamp of every individual calligrapher, where he leaves his own mark and gives calligraphy its much-deserved place in the world of arts. This is what separates it from mere penmanship. 

Calligraphy, like any other high-quality piece of art, aims to make a strong connection with the viewer on both a creative and a linguistic level.

Even at the risk of sounding metaphorical, this can be considered the best definition of calligraphy.

How to Earn Money With Calligraphy?

There are numerous ways to make money with calligraphy if you are really interested in what you do.

1. Sell Personalized Gifts on Your Own Website

Calligraphic articles make great gifts, and once you have decided on your own unique style, you can try using them as mugs, journals, mouse pads, etc. 

  • Try to think of items people often buy as gifts and see how you can apply your calligraphic styles to these to create your own unique gift item. 
  • With these, you can create your own online store to give your customers the option to send you words or text they want to be written on the items. 
  • The website will provide you with a kind of credibility, whereas your work will earn you a solid customer base.

2. Start Your Own Blog on Calligraphy

Blogs are a great way to let people know about your calligraphy skills and gain followers at the same time. If you can also get the hang of affiliate marketing and advertisements, you can also monetize your blog to make some 

  • Do your own research to find which keywords your should target based on what people search for over the internet regarding calligraphy. 
  • Follow SEO strategies and create your own content, which can be a mixture of information on calligraphy and your own experiences. 
  • You can also write on instructional topics or discuss the tools you use.

3. Sell Handmade Greetings Cards

As a calligrapher, you must own some kinds of paper and cardstock, apart from the numerous colored bottles and brushes. So selling handmade greeting cards will be an effortless task for you.

  • Create maybe 8-10 handmade “Thank You” and “Happy Birthday” cards with your unique calligraphic style. 
  • Go to your local stationary store and buy some envelopes to finish off the job.
  • Take cute photos of your work and post them on social media, putting down your quote for each card. Your friends will love your work and recommend your work to others. 

4. Look for Calligraphy Gigs

You can also make money by creating custom fonts for web developers, businesses, and bloggers. Freelancing is a great option for this kind of job. All you have to do is come up with your own unique selling point, and the gig will be offered to you. 

Here are the markets which you can try and penetrate:

  • Lettering for Comic Books: You can try and offer font designing services for graphic novelists. 
  • Fonts for App Interface: You can also create fonts for iOS and Android projects.
  • Non-English Typography: You can also sell calligraphy prints in languages other than English, i.e., Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, etc.

5. Personalized Wedding Invitations

This is the biggest market for calligraphy. Most couples want their wedding invitations to be unique and beautiful, but not all of them have the ability to do it themselves.

You can think of different packages for your wedding invitation calligraphy depending on the size of the guest list and other factors. If you choose a business like this, you should always think about the costs of supplies and shipping. 

6. Your Own Online Calligraphy Course

If you also like to teach what you love to do, you can opt to teach people calligraphy through an online paid course. Your potential students can be graphic design professionals who want to learn it to advance their careers or people who want to learn it as a hobby.

You have to create a course online and arrange to record your videos. If you have one, you can promote it via your social media accounts, your blog, and even your website

7. Try Affiliate Marketing

Learning affiliate marketing is another convenient way of monetizing your blog. If you can promote products in the articles and pieces on your blog, you can earn a commission on the products sold to your readers.

If you have a favorite calligraphy pen or a brand of paper that you can’t live without, you can definitely tell your readers about it.

Several brands have affiliate programs, and you can join them to start promoting their products and earning from them. 

8. Creating Logos and Banners

Any business with an online presence will need a logo and graphics to help people remember their brand. You might not think of yourself as a logo designer, but many brands use simple calligraphic scripts as their logos.

Start-up companies that are just starting their business or old companies that are looking for a logo refresh can all be your customers. Start pitching to as many businesses as you know. You can also add a calligraphic logo design package to your website.

Bottom Line

You can make money with calligraphy in a number of ways, such as by selling your work on your website, making greeting cards, or getting more customers through your blog.

It all comes down to what you are comfortable doing and how much time you have available.

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